Written about us – RescueCell meeting in Budapest

A summary about RescueCell project meeting in Budapest was posted on the official website

Meeting for a project update in Budapest on Month 6.
Budapest, the capital of Hungary, named also the Paris of the East, was the city selected for the Month 6 meeting of the Rescuecell Project on 8th – 9th of July 2013.
Rubin Informatikai Zrt. partners, who are based in Budapest, hosted the meeting and invited the other partners to a visit  to its facilities before the work sessions.

A project status update was presented by the coordinator to all members involved, and a presentation of the current status of the RTDs technical progress was also presented by each of the researchers: Centre de Recerca i Innovació de Catalunya (ES), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (ES) and Hellenic Rescue Team Attica (GR).




Other activities related to Dissemination, Communications and Financial issues were also presented by the Coordinator in order to prepare the group for the first period reports.
For more information please visit RescueCell’s official website.