Rubin Inc. is Winner of the InnoMax Award

Our project entitled “Green Server Room with RUBIN COOL” won third place in the category of businesses with 20–69 employees and even secured the special prize of at the 2013 InnoMax Award.


“Recipients of this year’s InnoMax Award are, without exception, able to combine modern technology with the power and the interests of the community,” said Gyöngyvér Gerlei, Chief Sales Officer Corporate at Invitel and judge of the jury of the InnoMax Award.

We are proud to have achieved such a great success at this innovation competition advertised with the slogan “Innovation and Perfectionism”. We are especially honored that our solution was awarded with the special prize of

Our project uses a brand new concept in the operation of climate control systems. Currently, technological rooms are cooled at high cost using air conditioners only. Our solution combines air conditioning with ventilation and, as a result, not only offers more reliable operation but also huge savings on energy and maintenance costs. RUBIN COOL requires no significant investment because this intelligent controller uses the legacy system with greater reliability and efficiency.

For more information on our solution, please visit our website at Rubin COOL