264Wipro has signed a cooperation agreement with Hungarian-owned Rubin Information Technology Inc. The framework agreement enables the Hungarian company to participate as consultant in certain Wipro projects.

“We are proud to have been recognized by one of the world’s most widely known technological and media empires and to have the opportunity to act as consultant in specific projects. We trust that the extensive experience we have gained in the development of real-time billing systems running massive databases will represent an added value to the Wipro projects,” said Csaba Parádi, CEO of Rubin Information Technology Inc.

Interesting facts: Ahead of industry giants like Dell and HP, Wipro finished no. 1 as the greenest company of 2012 on Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics list. Rubin Information Technology Inc. is fully committed to implementing energy efficient and environmental friendly solutions in its business operations. Last year Rubin Inc. was awarded with the Delfin Prize for its efforts in the field of “Sustainable Future”.