General information

Rubin INC. respects and protects the personal data of its custormers and also those who contact the Company through its web site.  and  www.

The data protection activity of Rubin INC. is governed by the following specific acts and decrees:

  • Act C. of 2003 on Electronic Communications,
  • Act CXII of 2011 On Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information,
  • 4/2012 NMHH decree on electronic communications services and specific provisions on data protection, data management and also on data security and the integrity of networks, also provisions of the management of traffic and billing data, as well as rules for the mobile device identification on display and call redirecting,
  • 6/2011 NMHH decree onspecific provisions forthe electronic communicationssubscriber contracts.
  • Act CXIX 1995 about natural persons name and address data management for the purpose of research and direct marketing

Registry of data

No personal data is required to visit the web site of the Company.

However, for the use of certain services (e.g. job applications) certain personal data are required (e.g. name, address). In these cases prior to registering such data Rubin INC. informs the affected persons on data management rules and acquires their prior consent, which can be withdrawn any time.

Rubin INC temporarily uses the below automatically generated information  during the technical operation of its web site: the internet protocol address of the computer (IP-address), domain-name (URL), access data, customer file request (file name and URL), HTTP answer code, data of the web site from which the data were requested, quantity of the bite traffic, time of the visit, data of the visited pages and the name of the browser program. In certain cases anonymous visit identifiers (cookies) are used to optimalize the web site according to visitor preferences.

Use, transfer of data

Rubin INC. does not transfer the managed personal data for third parties under any circumstances, except for cases defined in the relevant laws.

Data security

In order to prevent unauthorized use and misuse of the managed data our company uses extended technical and technological security measures. We regularly check our security processes and develop them parallel with the technological background.