Advertising monitoring system development for outdoor media analytics

Billboard advertising is the largest segment of the outdoor advertising market. Unlike onlinadmose marketing where the advertiser or surface owner can get feedback about the effectiveness of campaigns using tools like Google analyst, for the outdoor media there is no available tool that is reliable, affordable and accepted by the media industry. It has been a problem for years that the only means to measure the effectiveness of media surfaces were simple surveys.

The most important factors for advertisers are to measure the number of contacts and to categorize them demographically (age and gender). This allows advertisers to carry out more directed advertising and increasing marketing efficiency.

ADMOS project aims to develop a compact monitoring device that can be installed additionally on public media interfaces, which is able to provide information about the displayed advertisement, and to give feedback about the obtained contact number and the pattern attributes.

A further objective is to gain detailed information about the composition of the sample that means to define the age, gender of the people walking by and whether the person has noticed the advertisement.