Real-time billing DOMINO

Our complex application custom made for Magyar Telekom provides real time service to inquiries regarding the status and balance of mobile phone users. When it was launched in 1997, the system offered end-to-end administration of prepaid customers only. Today, Domino provides services to all mobile customers. The key function of this application is maintaining customer balances. In addition, it also maintains a two-way connection with telecom network devices, receives rating requests and synchronises customer status with the devices.

The application running on Oracle platforms of distributed servers in the IT environment of Magyar Telekom manages a daily volume of 10 million transactions of 4.5 million customers with an annual availability rate of over 99.9%. We provide 24/7 on-duty support for the operation of the application.

The Domino system performs the following functions listed in the Deutsche Telekom Group Domain Model:

  • Contract management
  • Sales and Service Catalogue
  • Payment and Recharging
  • Instance Rating and Mediation
  • Provisioning
  • Quality of Service management