In 2009 Magyar Telekom needed to replace IBM’s Metrica software package used for Performance Management tasks in mobile communications with a new, more up-to-date system. Development of the first version of the new system called PULSE (Performance UnLimited System Engine) took only half a year and it was completed in a close cooperation project between Magyar Telekom and Ruby Inc.

While the performance indicators of the system increased by 3-4 times, the return on investment for the entire project was only one year. With all that said, it came as no surprise that in 2010 the product was awarded with the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize (innovacio.hu).

26One of the primary functions of the project was to collect periodic readings from wireless and wired network devices and IP equipment, store the data in a database and calculate the necessary interpolations and aggregations. Data are stored in an Oracle database subjected to heavy workload because, through the loaders and other processing units, thousands of the approximately 50 different kinds of devices pour data about traffic, packages and call information every 5-15 minutes. As a result, the database receives close to 100 million records of raw data every day, which raw data are stored for 30-60 days on average and the daily/weekly/monthly aggregated data are backed up for years.

The PULSE system also has a web portal where the specific functions are tightly connected to the FLOWer Work Flow Management system.

The specific modules available through the portal help users in system configuration, specify the data describing the structure of storing and using of new devices and new incoming data based on which the system creates the scripts responsible for creating, interpolating and loading the tables designed to store data.

The portal also allows users to view concentrated and stored data in various formats. In addition to displaying diagrams and tables, key performance indicators (KPIs) can be defined to facilitate the display and analysis of the data stored in the database.

The client side of the portal is based on Google Web Toolkit (GWT) technology and the server side has been programmed in Python.

A key component of the PULSE system is the reporting system that regularly generates approximately 100 different kinds of report every day/week/month. Reports are generated and published via email by Microsoft Reporting Service. Reports help the everyday work network designers and operators